Course Overview

On-the-job accidents can cause injuries and death.

Workplace safety is essential for providing a safe environment in which employees can work with minimal risk to their health.

Numerous workplace hazards exist, including those resulting from unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. An organization must use a combination of safety training and safety protocols to manage as many hazards as possible.

The importance of safety at workplace cannot be over exemplified. It is felt in every industry where the personnel are exposed to sustained risk in their daily operations.

Adaptation of safety measures not only ensures safety of the life of workers but also of host environment, organizations’ assets and reputations.

When educated on safety procedures, participants will know how to prevent accidents in the workplace, and will also learn how to respond efficiently if presented with a dangerous situation.

This course equips participants with skills for preventing occupational accidents through effective hazard management.

Course Objectives

The course is designed to provide participants with fundamental knowledge on workplace safety issues that will equip them to work in a safe, healthy and productive manner.

The courses allow participants to:

  • Get practical, hands-on experience to keep yourself and your co-workers safe,
  • Spot potential workplace hazards and accidents before they happen,
  • Identify hazards, assess risks and implement controls
  • Reduce the likelihood of being injured at work,
  • Reduce the likelihood of others being injured by their actions,
  • Get functional strategies for preventing work related accidents,
  • Effectively manage occupational hazards,
  • Conduct Job hazard analysis,
  • Investigate workplace accidents and incidents,
  • Select and use personal protective equipment,
  • Conduct workplace safety audit,
  • Prevent and manage fire accidents,
  • Administer first aid during emergency.

Course Outline

The course will cover:

Module 1: Understanding Workplace Hazards

Module 2: Accidents in Workplace

Module 3: Hazard & Effect Management Process (HEMP)

Module 4: HSE Management System (HSE-MS)

Module 5: HSE Risk Assessment

Module 6: Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

Module 7: Permit To Work (PTW) System

Module 8: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Module 9: Accident Investigation & Reporting

Module 10: Unsafe Act Auditing

Module 11: Confined Space Safety

Module 12: Environment Safety

Module 13: First Aid / CPR

Module 14: Good Housekeeping

Module 15: Basic Security Awareness