Course Overview

An organization can achieve its objectives only through the utilization of human effort. Its ‘human resource’ is, therefore, very important. An organization’s ‘human resource’ comprises the combined contributions in the form of efforts, skills or capabilities of the people it employs. In order to manage the wide variety of people working in an organization, it imperative to deploy strategies and systems that assures peak performance.

Human Resources Management is a strategic approach to effectively manage employees at all levels in an organization. It is designed in a way to accelerate employee performance for the organization to gain a competitive advantage in the market. It focuses on hiring, managing, releasing or replacing the workforce and developing policies to maintain decorum, and retaining employees. It is a bridge between employee performance and organizational objectives.

This training course provides an inclusive and progressive outlook of the roles and activities of the Human Resource function. It provides tools and techniques to effectively manage people and create opportunities to develop employee potential.

Course Objectives

By the end of this Training Course, the participants will be able to:

  • Know the benefits of Human Resource Management in the success of any organization
  • Work on Strategies and approach of Human Resource Management
  • Understand the functions and responsibilities of Human Resource Management
  • Learn the techniques of working with employees and providing support
  • Assess and analyze performance management in a multi-cultural
  • Enhance the learning techniques and help the employees hone their skills
  • Learn the process of effective hiring, selecting, and training the newly hired
  • Establish a structure that drives productivity and engagement to boost morale
  • Accelerate effective coordination and communication in the organization
  • Utilize manpower to effectively achieve the organization’s goals
  • Create a healthy work culture by keeping the workforce motivated
  • Appreciate and encourage employees for their efforts and innovative ideas for the development of the organization
  • Align employee’s personal growth stimulus with organizational goals
  • Build an effective learning and development team for enhancing employee potential and value
  • Effectively retain the employees by creating value and the feeling of belonging
  • Efficiently manage employee data and compliance

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction of Human Resources Management

Module 2: Human Resource Planning

Module 3: Job Analysis and Job Design

Module 4: Recruitment and Selection

Module 5: Training and Development

Module 6: Performance Appraisal

Module 7: Compensation Management

Module 8: Personnel Records Management

Module 9: Personnel Support and Welfare

Module 10: Discipline

Module 11: Motivation, Resignations and Retirement