Organizations the world over rely on information to make sound decisions regarding all manner of affairs. But with the amount of available data growing on a daily basis, the ability to make sense of all of that data is becoming more and more challenging. Fortunately, this is where the power of Microsoft Excel can help. Excel  helps you organize, calculate, analyze, revise, update, and present your data in ways that will help the decision makers in your organization steer in the right direction.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine and explore the Microsoft Office Excel environment.
  • Create, open and view a workbook.
  • Enter and edit data.
  • Modify a worksheet and workbook.
  • Use Excel functions and formulas.
  • Create and edit charts and graphics.
  • Filter and sort table data.
  • Work with pivot tables and charts.
  • Visualize and print workbooks.

Course Modules

  • Getting Started with Excel
  • Data Entry, Editing, and Formatting
  • Data Formatting
  • Working with Cells and Ranges
  • Managing Worksheets/Workbooks
  • Excel Tables
  • Number Formatting
  • Excel Formulas and Functions
  • Data Validation
  • Data Sorting and Filtering
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Introduction to Excel Charting
  • Pivot Table
  • Workbook / Worksheet Protection