Course description

Every year, industries in Nigeria and the entire world records a disheartening number of work related accidents. These accidents leads to deaths, and various degrees of injuries among employees.

Numerous workplace hazards exist, including those resulting from unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. An organization must use a combination of safety training and safety protocols to manage as many hazards as possible.

The importance of safety at workplace cannot be over emphasized. It is felt in every industry where the personnel are exposed to sustained hazards in their daily operations.

Adaptation of safety measures in workplace not only ensures safety of workers but also of host environment, organization’s assets and reputations.

Participants in this course will be exposed to the principles and practice of occupational hazard management, and acquire the competencies for managing safety in workplace.

Participants in this course will also gain all it takes to function as company HSE officer or manager.

At the end of this course, participants will gain the following competencies:

  • Hazard & Effect Management,
  • Heath & Safety Risk Assessment,
  • Unsafe Acts Auditing,
  • Accident Investigations & Reporting,
  •  PPE Administration & Management,
  • Fire Safety ,
  • Job Hazard Analysis,
  • First Aid Administration
  • Environment Safety & Waste Management,
  • Etc

Course Details

Category: Professional
Duration: 5 weeks
Levels: 1-3
Method: Classroom Contact & Online
Certification Available Yes..