Training & Development

Our research-based approach to problem solving and solution engineering enables us to get to the root causes of ineffectiveness, and focus the necessary interventions for effective resolution. An organisation’s ability to learn and translate that learning to action rapidly is the ultimate accomplishment. We help our clients;

Corporate Training

We help our clients:

  • Develop and execute a competency-based learning and
    staff development
  • Design learning intervention to push the boundaries out of classrooms back to the workplace.
  • Leverage technology to optimise learning, do much more with less and drive employee performance
  • Develop a high performance team culture in our organisation to drive our business goals.
  • Identify the non-negotiable competencies required for successful performance in each role in our organisation?
  • Develop the competencies of our employees


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Open & In-Company Programmes

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We design, develop and deliver cutting-edge learning programmes. Facilitated by industry professionals, our competency-based courses are designed to focus on the skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable individuals, teams and
organisations perform excellently and deliver superior results.

Course Content Development & Train-The-Trainers

Generator Services

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We understand that there are learning interventions that some of our clients would prefer to deliver internally. We supports by training, coaching and mentoring your internal trainers to deliver top-class learning interventions. Also, we develop training materials and course content and provide accredited training certifications for subject matter experts, as well as to aid the design and delivery of your workshop.

Industry & Function-Focused Seminars & Conferences

We facilitate seminars, conferences and corporate events that feature renowned industry experts and senior level representatives from the world’s most successful and forward-thinking organisations.Our seminars and conferences are designed to provide the best knowledge transfer and value based networking

Strategy & Corporate Retreat

We plan and facilitate high impact strategy retreats. Our team of professionals utilize proven strategy tools in analyzing and understanding the internal and external realities of your business, in order to develop a customized strategy that adequately addresses the unique requirements of your organization. We also help our clients bridge the execution gap by working with them to establish Performance Management Systems for effective strategy implementation implementation, tracking and evaluation.