Course Overview

Project management involves initiating, planning, executing, controlling, monitoring and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success objectives within a specified time.

Project management comes with very specific and prominent constraints of scope, time and cost. This trio is better known as the triple constraint of project management. The primary challenge of project managers is to meet project goals and objectives within the given constraints. Thus, planning and organization plays a major role in setting the path for a project to progress and get completed successfully.

Project management does not only involve planning for tasks and assignments within the timelines and costs assigned. A significant part of project management involves developing and maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders concerned with or contributing to some or the other aspect of the project.

Effectively managing partnerships and expectations of various stakeholders, business partners, team members, management, etc. contributes to the success of a project. Therefore, project management involves many aspects and skills that need to function together so that a project is successfully completed within the defined timelines, costs and objectives.

This course will empower you with complete understanding and knowledge of project management that will help you effectively plan and manage projects for your organisation.

The confidence and competence gained through this course will also help you overcome challenges and manage projects within timelines and costs and will enable you to set objective measures of performance of the project, in turn demonstrating your credibility and paving the way for further opportunities for growth and progression.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to empower participants with;

  • the required skill set and confidence to be able to complete projects within timelines and costs assigned, meeting all objectives set for the project
  • the required perspective and understanding to devise objective measures and metrics to ascertain project progress and performance
  • the required confidence and experience to align project objectives to organizational objectives, in turn contributing to organizational growth and development
  • the capability to devise a project management framework for small- and large-scale projects of the organization
  • the skill and experience to maintain good relationships with all concerned stakeholders and define and allocate roles and responsibilities
  • the ability and skill to prepare and review a project charter before the start of a project
  • the experience and knowledge to identify and quantify risks and address these to prevent them from hampering the project success
  • the ability to manage conflict, constraints and other challenges effectively, thus demonstrating skill and potential and increasing scope for growth and progression

Course Outline

Module 1 – Project Management Framework

Module 2 – Project Scope Management

Module 3 – Project Schedule Management

Module 4 – Project Resource Management

Module 5 – Project Cost Management

Module 6 – Project Communication Management

Module 7 – Project Quality Management

Module 8 – Project Risk Management

Module 9 – Project Procurement Management

Module 10 – Project Stakeholder Management